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Schedules are created according to the parents court order and center capabilities. If a court order is not in place, schedules will be based upon parental agreement and center availability.

FiTS supervisor can cancel the visit at any time if deemed necessary.


Supervised visitation and parenting education in St. Cloud and surrounding areas can be offered at our visitation center. We supervise and observe families in a confidential setting, therefore allowing more one on one parent/child interaction in a safe, secure and family oriented environment.

Additionally, FiTS accommodates off-site supervised visitation and parenting education within the St. Cloud community and surrounding Twin Cities metro area at the following locations: treatment centers, appropriate community settings, or prisons.

Service Fees


$25.00 per party

Supervised Visitation:

$40.00 per hour

Parenting Skills:

$60.00 per hour

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 24hrs before scheduled visitation to avoid service fees.

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